Challenging times for recruitment

Successfully landing the people that will make a difference to your business.

Post Covid, recruiting is harder than ever. It is widely recognised, that there is a genuine shortage of good candidates. They are also cautious about moving, in a changeable and volatile economic climate, preferring to stay in a known environment.  Conversely, there are more applications for advertised jobs, as it has never been easier to apply. Once registered on a Job Board, you can comfortably send in 20 online applications in an hour, whilst watching your favourite TV programme.  Employers find themselves deluged by unsuitable candidates. Any good candidates can be missed in the avalanche of applications. This is unproductive and demoralising for your resourcing teams.


Businesses that are successfully finding the right candidates, have revised their strategy to capture the good ones in a timely manner, before some-one else does. This requires quick and effective reviewing of applications and the ability to act decisively with the candidates you want to progress. Successful resourcing teams will take the initiative to speak to candidates (direct phone contact, not another email!) out of office hours, diligent working candidates are unlikely to want to discuss applications in their workplace.

Advertising and staff time are expensive resources that you should be optimising. Plan your recruitment campaigns to provide sufficient applicants of the right quality. Equally important is having the recruitment and interview process ready to progress good applicants through to offer stage without any delays. For this you will need your line managers to be committed to the process and to have set aside time to review the requirements of the candidates, interview them and provide timely feedback.

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