Making the most of the pre interview time

lady-presentsIt is recommended to arrive 10-15 minutes early for an interview. From the moment you present yourself at reception it is “game on”, so make sure you use this time to find out all you can about the business:

Study any company information you can see, whether on the walls or written documents. Listen to conversations. Do not take phone calls or produce a book to read or pace around.

Engage with the receptionist if possible but avoid interrupting or distracting them. A positive comment from them can only help your chances. You may also get an understanding of how many people they are interviewing for the role, how long they have been recruiting for and some useful information about the interviewer.

Remind yourself of the content of your CV, in particular any facts and figures quoted.

Remember to use any positive information you gleaned whilst waiting to be interviewed. For instance, “It’s great to see you are so busy”. “Congratulations on the award you recently picked up”. “All your staff seem enjoy working here”.

If you pass through work areas, be aware of staff you come into contact with. You may also pick up other observational information.

When you leave the company make sure you have signed out, handed back passes and thanked the receptionist. Leave a good impression.


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