Just trying to be a better recruiter.

In the last two weeks I have been rewarded for going the “extra mile” with clients and reminded of the reasons why I enjoy doing the job I do.

Conversely, the experience of trying to sell our house has reminded why going the “extra mile” is key in a service industry and why when you do not deliver you not only lose your customer but damage future relationships and business opportunities. 


  • Understand the customers needs and their expectations from working with you
  •  Agree a process and method of working, reviewing regularly
  •  Do not over promise
  •  Be open and honest with all communication
  • Try new methods regularly to avoid only achieving the same results

Do not:

  • Believe you know best
  • Criticise the competition
  • Put your personal gain above the clients
  • Ignore the fact you have not got it right, it happens learn from it and get right next time
  • Defend the un-defendable


By following these rules I have managed to secure a stronger relationship with two  of my clients, who in their words “will only deal with my company in future” and  prefer dealing with me because “you are personable”

As to our Estate Agent, we gave them notice, which wasn’t accepted graciously and are now working with another Estate Agent, watch this space……..






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