Six Degrees of Separation.

flipo-chart-presentationRecently I was finding it hard to find the right candidates for a role, despite many hours of CV searching, advertising on various forums and scouring Linkedin, still no success. Pondering this, I was reminded of the theory of Six Degrees of Separation and started to think of people I might know, who might know somebody, who might know somebody, you get the picture.

2 ex colleagues from 2000, were starting point.

Ex colleague No 1 gave me two names, of these two contacts, one had moved away and one number was unavailable. Back to contact who had moved away, for another number, at the same time found the person on Linkedin and sent a message. The second mobile number unavailable, no response from Linkedin account. Back to contact who had moved away, for the second time, can you find the person on Facebook and pass on my contact details?

Eureka, 24 hours later a call from elusive person, who is looking for work and is now at interview with the client.

Ex colleague No 2, happy to text 500+ people on his candidate base, advertising the role. Contact from a temp who gives me a name and number of a candidate, who is happy to hear from me and is now at interview with the client.

These last three days have taught me there is always a way around a problem, if you look hard enough and in a different direction from time to time.

Even better news Ex colleague No 1 is now a client.

Here’s hoping that both candidates do well at their interviews this week and are starting exciting new careers by the end of the month…

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